Online Accounts

Open your account online with DSB in about 10 minutes.

You’ll need the following:

Government ID (2)

Driver’s license
U.S. passport
Other state-issued ID

Government ID

Debit or credit card ($50 or less)

Current account number and routing number

Unfrozen Credit

Lift any freezes with TransUnion at

Must be 18 years or older to open an account online. Must be a U.S. citizen.

DSB One Rewards Checking
Earn 3.10% APY* on qualifying balances up to $20,000^

Open DSBOne

A checking account with unlimited transactions that pays interest, refunds nationwide ATM charges up to $10 per month, once monthly qualifications are met. No service charges and no annual ATM/Debit Card fees. $50 minimum to open account.

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Cyclone Rewards Checking

DSB Debit Cards (1)
Open Cyclone Rewards

Earn A DIME A TIME each time you swipe your debit card. Requires $10 minimum per swipe (excludes ATM transactions). Refunds nationwide ATM charges up to $10 per month. $50 minimum to open account.

GO CYCLONES! Every point-of-sale transaction you make with your Cyclone Rewards debit card, the Bank donates 5 cents to Denver Community Schools. 

**Requirements: $50 minimum to open account. Rewards will be paid on the last day of the statement cycle.

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Savings Account

Open Savings

Offers tiered interest rates for higher earnings as your balance grows to help you save for what matters most. $50 minimum to open account.

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Gold Money Market

Open Money Market

Offers tiered interest rates for higher earnings as your balance grows, while keeping your money easily accessible. $50 minimum to open account.

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^DSBOne Requirements: Log into online banking, eStatements, 12 debit card transactions (excludes ATM withdrawals) with a minimum of $10.00 per transaction, two automatic ACH transactions (all ACH and debit card transactions must be posted by the last business day of the statement cycle). All requirements must be met by the last business day per statement cycle.
Provided that all monthly requirements are met: If the daily balance is $.01-$20,000.00 the interest rate paid on that portion of the balance would be 3.05% and APY* of 3.10%. If the daily balance is greater than $20,000.00 the interest rate paid on that portion of the balance would be 0.15% with an APY* range of 3.10% – 0.15%.  Any accounts that do not meet all monthly requirements will have a rate of 0.01% and APY* of 0.01%. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. Posted ATM fees will be refunded up to $10.00 per statement cycle, if qualifications are met. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive accrued interest. Rates and APY* are variable and may change daily. Fees may reduce earnings. $50 minimum to open account. APY is accurate as of 11/22/2023. Limit one account per social security number. *APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

**Cyclone Rewards Requirements: $50 minimum to open account. $10 minimum per swipe to each A Dime A Time (excludes ATM transactions). Rewards will be paid on last day of statement cycle.

Online Account FAQ

When can I expect to receive my Debit Card?

Typically, it takes 7 to 10 day to receive the debit card. Please reach out to the bank if you have not received the debit card after the initial 10-day period.

How do I add a Joint Owner?

There is a page labeled in the flow “Add someone to your account”. This page appears in the “Account Preferences” section once all personal information has been gathered. The Joint Owner invite will expire after 72 hours.

What is the age restriction on opening an account?

The age restriction to open an account with Deposit Flex is 18.

Can an account be opened for a minor?

A minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. They would not be able to open an account online.

Can a Joint Account be opened with a minor? 

A joint account cannot be opened with a minor utilizing deposit flex.

Why did I get an “I wish you were closer” message?

Online account opening is available only to applicants living in the following counties: Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Chickasaw, Fayette, Floyd, Grundy, and Tama. If you are outside that area and wish to open an account, please contact New Accounts or call us at (319) 984-5635.