ATM Locator

For lost or stolen debit cards please call 1-800-383-8000

Where can I find a Denver Savings Bank ATM?

For your convenience, Denver Savings Bank has two ATM machines located on our property at 121 S. State Street, Denver:

  • Inside the front vestibule off of State Street
  • Drive-up ATM located off of Franklin Street

ATM/Debit Card

Our DSB NO ANNUAL FEE ATM/debit card can compliment any checking account you have! Use it at over 80 Cedar Valley ATM locations with no extra charges! You can use it for in-store purchases and anywhere Visa is accepted

Do you know your Privileges?

 As an ATM/Debit Card holder with DSB, you automatically receive the benefits of Shazam Privileged Status.
What does this mean to you?
This means Surcharge-Free ATM access at any ATM with this logo:

Find Privileged Status locations near you: click here


Did you know you can make deposits with your ATM/Debit Card?

Many (not all) ATM machines have a deposit option. Insert your card and enter your PIN, select the ‘Deposit’ option from the ATM’s menu, and enter the amount of your deposit. Then, using an envelope provided at the ATM, insert your check, and place the envelope into the machine.The process may be different at other machines. Please make sure to write the amount of deposit on the envelope you are depositing. Enjoy the convenience of banking with DSB wherever you go!



Protect your bank account from the palm of your hand! Click here to register, or download the SHAZAM BOLT$ app to your Apple or Android Smart Phone. This app sends automatic email alerts 24/7 for every online or telephone debit card transaction. You’re also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries. You’ll know right away whether the purchases are valid…so you can call DSB immediately and put a stop to any fraud!
Plus…SHAZAM BOLT$ lets you check your account – anytime, anywhere! You can access balance information on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Register Now!