Star Saver

Denver Savings Bank’s Star Saver’s Club is designed to be a fun way to help kids become savers for life!

Rates and terms are the same as our Regular Savings Account with the following special exceptions:

  • Must be 12 or younger
  • A minimum deposit of $5.00 is required to open the account
  • To obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield, only a $5.00 minimum balance is required
  • FDIC insurance of at least $250,000

Kids will receive fun prizes and gifts.

Each time the Star Saver brings in a deposit to the bank, they may sign up for a chance to be “Star Saver of the Month”.

Kids are encouraged to bring in their savings passbooks and fill out their own deposit slips (when old enough).

Fun Link

H.I.P. Pocket Change: Learn the history of money, how it’s made, and what other types of money look like from different countries. You can also learn about money through several fun games as well!