President’s Message







Ryan P. Sheridan, President/CEO

Our community continues to grow and prosper…and so does Denver Savings Bank!  We have had record growth over the past year and are breaking new records so far in 2019.  With technology, Denver Savings Bank can be your bank anywhere you live, not just in Denver, Iowa. We have customers locally, throughout the US, and even around the world. Much of our recent growth has been from customers throughout the entire Cedar Valley region.  Along with projects we have financed in Denver, you may have seen DSB signs on various business projects we’ve financed in Waterloo and Cedar Falls as well.

Many of our Denver residents work in various parts of the Cedar Valley region.  With our close proximity to Waterloo and Cedar Falls, banking options are everywhere. So the question is, why choose DSB as YOUR bank?

Many banks and credit unions claim to provide excellent service.  Do they truly know you?  When you call, do they know you by name or just by your customer/member number?  Service is very important to us.  In fact, that is why we service all of our mortgage loans.  When you have a question, you don’t call an 800 number to a call center and sit on hold, you talk to someone right here in Denver.  That’s important to us.

Investment in the Community
DSB has two locations in Denver.  In 2016 alone, we donated approximately $90,000 to various community projects and organizations.  Additionally, our staff has volunteered hundreds of hours; we are truly vested in this community.  The stronger we are, the more we are able to invest back into the community of Denver.

Commitment to Privacy & Identity Protection
Confidentiality is a top priority at DSB.  We provide chip debit cards for extra protection of your accounts.  We offer an annual shred day at no charge to the entire community to safely and confidentiality destroy documents.  Our employees make confidentiality a priority; you know that your records are truly private.

Competitive Rates
Whether it is our DSBOne Rewards checking with a rate of 3.40% APY on qualifying balances, 30-year fixed mortgages, auto loans, business loans or agricultural loans, we offer very competitive rates on all of our products.

Our staff is highly experienced.  We understand banking.  The DSB experience means that you are treated as a customer should be.  Our goal is not just to earn your business, but also to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience every time you do your banking with us . . . whether that is in person, online or via our mobile app.
If you are already a customer . . . thank you!  If not, please consider giving us a shot . . . see why so many of your neighbors are switching to DSB.


Ryan P. Sheridan, President

Ryan was born and raised in Lawler, Iowa, graduating from Turkey Valley High School. He attended Mount Mercy University, double-majoring in Management and Marketing. He later earned an MBA from the University of Iowa, completed Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Financial Manager School at the University of Massachusetts. Ryan brings nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to Denver Savings Bank.

Ryan, his wife Diane, and their four children have lived in Denver since 2004. In his spare time he coaches youth basketball, is active on the Denver School board, and enjoy early morning workouts.