Are you tired of getting no benefits out of your checking account? You wouldn’t accept burnt pizza from a restaurant or a smart car for a family road trip. Why would you expect less from your checking account? Reward yourself with amazing rates! DSBOne rewards checking pays 3.10% APY* on all qualifying accounts up to $20,000. And with no monthly fees if you don’t qualify.

Log into online banking
12 debit card transactions (excludes ATM withdrawals) with a minimum of $10.00 per
two automatic ACH transactions
(all ACH and debit card transactions must be posted by the last business day of the statement cycle)
All requirements must be met by the last business day per statement cycle.

Provided that all monthly requirements are met:
^If the daily balance is $.01-$20,000.00 the interest rate paid on that portion of the balance will be 4.02% and APY* of 4.10%. On daily balances above $20,000.00 the interest rate paid on that portion of the balance would be 0.15% with the APY range of 4.10% to 0.15%. (For example, if an account has a balance of $25,000 the interest rate paid on the first $20,000.00 would be 4.02% with an APY* of 4.10%, and .15% on the remaining $5,000.00, if requirements are met) Any accounts that do not meet all monthly requirements will have a rate of 0.01% and APY of 0.01%. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. Posted ATM surcharge fees will be refunded up to $10.00 per statement cycle, if requirements are met. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive accrued interest. Rates and APY are variable and may change daily. Fees may reduce earnings. $50 minimum to open account. APY is accurate as of 3/13/2023. Personal accounts only. Limit one account per social security number. MEMBER FDIC

*Annual Percentage Yield